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CBS College Sports Live is Your New MVP

If you’re an affiliate looking for a new sports related offer that can hit you a home run in that niche, then your search ends here. CBS College Sports Live and its $8.00 per sale payout could be a huge opportunity for you if you’re a MaxBounty publisher with a sports website or social media […]

5 Parallels Between Affiliate Marketing and Dating

5 Parallels Between Affiliate Marketing and Dating

Dating has been a popular and profitable niche in affiliate marketing for quite some time, and you can be rest assured that it will continue to be one. However, there are some things other than great dating campaigns that bring the worlds of affiliate marketing and dating together. They’re more similar than you would think. […]


Get Your Daily Intake of Earnings with Grocery Coupon

The flood gates for Grocery Coupon Network have been opened, and it’s due to the campaigns recent success at MaxBounty. The advertiser has given the go ahead to our affiliates to send as many leads as possible to this offer with zero cap. Needless to say, the $.65 CPA rate will be getting a lot […]


Why Stability is Everything in Affiliate Marketing

Longevity should not be undervalued in the affiliate marketing industry. This weeks news of yet another popular CPA network collapsing on itself is proof of that. In what is becoming a common trend, networks that seem to rise to popularity quickly and boast about their excess to the public, may not actually be as financially […]


New Nielsen Campaign Creates Quicker Conversions

Converting leads for Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel will now come quicker than previous campaigns from well the well known Neilsen brand. The $2.80 is paid out on the ‘first log’ which takes place almost immediately. A pixel fires after the user has downloaded and installed the meter which is followed by the user submitting […]


The MaxBounty Olympic Games!

I bet you didn’t realize the MaxBounty team were such a competitive bunch. Despite a cozy cubicle being our natural habitat, we also enjoy getting outside for a little physical activity. With summer closing up shop for another year, there’s no better time to get outdoors to take advantage of the soon to be dwindling […]

Our stylish lifejackets in MaxBounty Red.

MaxBounty’s Kayaking Krew

Last weekend was a MaxBounty first. As you may or may not know by now, every couple of months we like to get together outside of work and partake in some physical activity to remind ourselves that were out of shape. Then, we add some gluttony to the mix with a little pub fare and […]


Facebook Plays the Algorithm and Blues Again

The algorithm overlord of Facebook is at it once again. The social network is introducing yet another change to how often users will see certain content on their newsfeed. This time, the algorithmic overhaul is targeted at reducing ‘click-baiting’. From Facebook: ““Click-baiting” is when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people […]


Make MaxBounty the #1 Network, Again

It was a tremendous feeling to be named the #1 CPA network in the world by Revenue Performance’s Blue Book Survey in January. The fact that it came on MaxBounty’s 10th anniversary as a network made it even sweeter. The only reason we were able to be recognized as such is because you trusted us […]


MaxBounty ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely been seeing The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge everywhere you look on the web. We figured MaxBounty should join in on the fun and also up the ante a bit by featuring nine ‘ice bucketers’ doing the challenge simultaneously! The weather was hot and the ice […]

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Maximize IMVU at its Hottest and EARN Big

You can seize what’s left of summer by earning big from MaxBounty mainstay IMVU.com – A tried, tested, and true campaign that see its best results of the year RIGHT NOW. IMVU’s service revolves around a 3D interactive community in which users can chat with each other for free from all around the globe through […]


5 Things YOU Want to Know About 50onRed

Mike from 50onRed recently chatted with us on what he thinks it is that his company can offer affiliates of MaxBounty. Continue on to learn more about the emerging PPV network that more and more affiliates are looking towards for high quality traffic. _ _ _ If you had to choose one thing, what would […]

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Last Call for Some MaxBounty at Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate marketing’s annual takeover of New York City is coming to an end later today as ASE14 wraps up. If you’ve yet to stop by and chat with MaxBounty, you can still do so by heading to booth 518 in the Expo Hall today. If you’ve already stopped by at some point in the last […]

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How to Channel Your Inner Wildcard and go to Mardi Gras

As you may or may not know, EVERY MaxBounty affiliate has a chance to go to Affiliate Rewards New Orleans in February. Our Wildcard category applies to any publisher in the network and will allow for TWO randomly chosen pubs to be partying alongside MaxBounty at Mardi Gras in just 6 months. But are you […]

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Affiliate Summit for Newbies: Now, Then, and After

The biggest affiliate marketing event of the summer is approaching quickly and regardless of whether or not you’re an affiliate, an advertiser, a network, or a traffic source, chances are you’re still preparing for ASE14. Even as veterans of these shows, MaxBounty still is. You may consider yourself still somewhat new to affiliate marketing. Perhaps […]


No Luck Needed to Earn Big with NowLucky

When a new campaign arrives at a network and converts so well out of the gate, that’s when you know an offer has great potential to really propel your earnings. NowLucky Android Tablet is becoming a successful pick up for many of MaxBounty’s affiliates, and you could add yourself to that company. NowLucky allows users […]

Affiliate Marketing: This Time It's Personal

Affiliate Marketing: This Time It’s Personal

The internet is an amazing invention that allows affiliate marketing to exist. However, it can also hinder the creation of personal relationships with clients, friends, and contacts. With most of our online marketing business being done through instant messages, e-mails and phone calls, it can be difficult for your personality to shine through. It’s one […]


5 Affiliate Goals you can Achieve Before Summers Over

Setting goals is an effective way to push yourself to progress at whatever you’re doing. The importance of this in achieving success in affiliate marketing cannot be overstated. At MaxBounty we understand that of course everyone’s goals will be different depending on your experience and what exactly it is you want to achieve. A long […]