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E-file.com Prevents Headaches and Provides Earnings

We’re always trying to inform our affiliates on which offers they should be running around some of the most joyous days of the year, like Christmas or Easter. E-File.com – Tax Return ($15 CPA) is a campaign that sees increased conversions around one of the most HATED times of year, but the same outcome remains. […]


EarningStation is Self Serving Conversions

When an offers sees a lot of conversions shortly after it’s launched at the network, it’s usually a sign that it has some legs and potential to make our pubs a lot of money. EarningStation is making good on its name in more ways than one by offering a new conversion creating option in the […]


MaxBounty Wants to Meet You at LeadsCon Las Vegas

LeadsCon Las Vegas is taking place next week and although it may seem like Affiliate Summit just happened last month, it’s time for yet another big conference in the world of Affiliate Marketing. LeadsCon is billed as THE performance marketing conference and many would attest to the truthfulness of that statement. Founded in 2007, LeadsCon […]


Siimba – Android Tablet Poised to Become Trial Offer King

MaxBounty’s collection of Siimba Club campaigns have offered our affiliates a unique option for obtaining leads since they were introduced. Often found in the top echelon of our highest converting offers, these $24 CPA rate trial campaigns make our pubs a lot money for a variety of reasons. Siimba Club provides a service that allows […]


The 5 Best Things from MaxBounty’s Affiliate Rewards: NOLA

Our 3rd Affiliate Rewards came to an end this week and it couldn’t have been more of a success. New Orleans and Mardi Gras created an unforgettable backdrop for a week spent with 12 of MaxBounty’s top publishers. So much happened in such a short period of time that it’s difficult to remember it all. […]


MaxBounty Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

Like a game of Risk, MaxBounty are strategically expanding their area into uncharted territory. We’re well on our way to taking over our entire office building followed by global domination. But first, renovations. The goal of expanding is to obviously bring some fresh blood into the MaxBounty family, which is always an exciting time. It’s […]


Be MaxBounty’s Valentine and Earn Big with FTD Flowers

It happened last year and it will happen again this year, flower campaigns will see a significant rise in conversions just before Valentine’s Day. In fact, last year those campaigns continued to see a lot of success even on Valentine ’s Day itself. I think you’re smart enough to figure out what that means you […]


MaxBounty Art Gallery to Open Later This Month

Were you aware that MaxBounty aren’t just a bunch of stuffy cubicle dwelling suits? Believe it or not some of us actually have some creativity. On Friday night we were able to release those inner artists at MaxBounty Art Night. What made it especially great was the amount of options we had in regards to […]


RadioPlanets Turns Up Earnings with Unique Campaign

Deal offers are the secret weapon of some affiliates, and expanding your arsenal is never a bad idea. RadioPlanets contains some huge incentives for users to generate a conversion for you, and that’s why this campaign has SO much potential. It combines a useful and unique service with the irresistible temptation of free stuff, paying […]


Why Blowing the Big Game Isn’t the End of the World

Imagine for a second that you’re a player or a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. ‘The Monday Blues’ would surely be reaching new heights for you today. If you actually ARE a player or fan of the Seahawks then you could undoubtedly use something to take your mind off of last night’s football festivities. After […]


MaxBounty Cubicles Fall Victim to Birthday Prank Fairy

The last week has seen a surplus in MaxBounty birthdays, and to commemorate this event each individual celebrating has received an extra ‘gift’: a cubicle makeover! It’s a multi-faceted gift and one that we can assume was the highlight of the day of Adam, JP, and Val. You receive a surprise, a visual work of […]


MaxBounty Descends Affiliate Summit and Ascends to the Skies

Another Affiliate Summit is in the books as ASW15 attendees will be boarding their flights today, bringing with them new contacts and a hangover while leaving what ‘stays in Vegas’ behind. It was another great event, especially for MaxBounty as we got to gloat about being the #1 CPA network again while talking to a […]


MaxBounty is Your Number One CPA Network, Again

Just as soon as we had to stop celebrating that we were voted the #1 CPA network of 2014, the 2015 rankings come out and we get to do it all over again! For the second year in a row, MaxBounty is the top CPA Network according to mThink’s BlueBook Rankings. Obviously just like last […]

Resolution Revolution: Top 5 Offers to Run in January

Resolution Revolution: Top 5 Offers to Run in January

Let me guess, you probably came up with some New Year’s resolutions a couple weeks ago that you’ve already found yourself slacking on. Well don’t start feeling bad about yourself, you can make a new one right now in which your chances of succeeding will be much higher. You now have a new New Year’s […]


Let’s Make 2015 Another Milestone Year for MaxBounty

Enough has already been said about how great of year 2014 was for MaxBounty. Voted the #1 CPA Network, 10 years in the industry, exponential growth, it truly was a milestone year. It’s now time to look head to 2015 though. And what a year it’s going to be. Heading into MaxBounty’s 12th year as […]


‘Tis the Season for Gift Baskets at MaxBounty

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. A big reason why is because we work with some of the best people in the industry. The MaxBounty office is flooded with enough delicious sugary treats that would put even Sugar Bear into a diabetic coma, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. […]


MaxBounty Christmas Calendar: Uncut & Uncensored

At this point most of you have probably received your MaxBounty Christmas Calendar in the mail. If so, then you’ve seen the cover that bares our combative group photo. However, that wasn’t the only photo that was taken during the shoot for our calendar. Although the decision to go with the picture that was eventually […]


High Converting Gaming Offer in a League of its Own

Gaming has become a lucrative niche in CPA. League of Angels is one of the most popular FREE to play browser games that’s available right now. MaxBounty has a $2.65 CPA campaign for League of Angels. You do the math. Well okay, we’ll stop telling you to do things and solve this equation for you. […]


MaxBounty Christmas Party Encapsulates 2014

The annual MaxBounty Christmas party is one of the most looked forward to times of the year for us. Besides the more gluttonous reasons like the food and drink feast that’s fit for a king, it’s a special time for us to get together before the holidays and reflect and celebrate on the year that […]


Your Search for the Hottest New Dating Offer Ends Here

What’s so great about DaterSearch, is that it strips the excess fat that you may find in other dating campaigns, leaving you with something simple and effective. You’re more than likely to fall in love with this offer while users try to do the same thing themselves. A simple one page submit dating campaign that […]