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MaxBounty Christmas Calendar: Uncut & Uncensored

At this point most of you have probably received your MaxBounty Christmas Calendar in the mail. If so, then you’ve seen the cover that bares our combative group photo. However, that wasn’t the only photo that was taken during the shoot for our calendar. Although the decision to go with the picture that was eventually […]


High Converting Gaming Offer in a League of its Own

Gaming has become a lucrative niche in CPA. League of Angels is one of the most popular FREE to play browser games that’s available right now. MaxBounty has a $2.65 CPA campaign for League of Angels. You do the math. Well okay, we’ll stop telling you to do things and solve this equation for you. […]

xmas party

MaxBounty Christmas Party Encapsulates 2014

The annual MaxBounty Christmas party is one of the most looked forward to times of the year for us. Besides the more gluttonous reasons like the food and drink feast that’s fit for a king, it’s a special time for us to get together before the holidays and reflect and celebrate on the year that […]


Your Search for the Hottest New Dating Offer Ends Here

What’s so great about DaterSearch, is that it strips the excess fat that you may find in other dating campaigns, leaving you with something simple and effective. You’re more than likely to fall in love with this offer while users try to do the same thing themselves. A simple one page submit dating campaign that […]


Join the Exclusive MaxBounty Group at CPA Elites!

Communication between a network and the people who matter most to it, is both necessary and important to the success of both parties. With a new exclusive MaxBounty Group on industry forum CPAElites.com, a new way for that communication to flourish will now be available to all of you. The newly launched group will create […]


Thompson Cigar is Smoking Hot During Holidays

Thompson Cigar see their biggest sales at this time of year because of how popular their product is as a gift for Christmas. Stuff your own stocking with some extra earnings by running their Top Shelf 10 Sampler campaign at MaxBounty this holiday season. The offer packs a $9.50 CPA rate, and advertises to users […]


One Month Left to Make it to Mardi Gras

I’ll spare you the home stretch clichés and just say this: There’s STILL time to make it into Affiliate Rewards Mardi Gras! We’re into the final month of the contest and now’s the time to make your last push to secure your spot to New Orleans in February. Just because you’re not a top earning […]


MaxBounty a Top Network for Prosper202 Users

Tracking software company Prosper202 recently released a list of the top CPA networks according to the users who use their tracking system. MaxBounty came in second with 39.12% of Prosper202 users selecting MaxBounty as one of the networks they run traffic on. It’s always a good feeling to be in the top echelon of any […]


The Blackest Friday Brings the Biggest Earnings

This week offers some unique possibilities for promoting campaigns that you can’t let fall by the way side. The biggest shopping period of the year is looming, and with that comes a change in the way consumers are thinking. They’re looking for deals, they’re looking for value, and you can help them win this game […]


Prosper is More Than Just a Name for Users AND Affiliates

Prosper’s service features peer to peer lending. This allows for two separate users to be targeted when you’re promoting the offer, each with their own CPA rate. If you’re targeting borrowers (those who require a loan) you can’t do much better than a whopping $140.00 payout. This lead converts once the borrower has submitted their […]


MaxBounty Wants to be Your Santa

Starting today, you have the opportunity to make your holiday season a little bit merrier. MaxBounty has just launched an exclusive Secret Santa holiday contest open to all of our affiliates. This contest will give you the chance to be eligible to receive one of three awesome gifts of your choosing from MaxBounty. All that’s […]


The Art of Scaling in Affiliate Marketing

So you’ve done it. You’ve found a campaign at MaxBounty that is starting to really make you some money and you’re on cloud nine because of it. The hard work you’ve put in to get there now seems worth it and your confidence as an affiliate has never been higher. That’s great. Now scale it. […]


Who to Talk to on Day 2 of Ad:Tech New York

Day 2 of ad:tech New York is currently underway and you’ll soon be out of time to come visit with MaxBounty. I’m sure as you read this, the team we have deployed to New York City is eagerly awaiting your presence. We suggest you avoid disappointing them by dropping by our booth at the Javits […]


Choose Your Favorite MaxBounty Halloween Costume!

Halloween has arrived, and before Michael Myers comes and tears us all a new one, we thought we’d have a little fun by dressing up as our favorite super heroes, movie villains, and social media mascots. Below you’ll find all 10 of our employees who went all out for Hallows’ Eve and their corresponding characters. […]


The MaxBounty Blog’s 100th Post Wants Your Help

Today is a momentous day. The reason being, the MaxBounty blog has reached a pretty significant milestone. You are currently reading the 100th published blog post on the MaxBounty blog. That’s right, one zero zero. It’s another MaxBounty milestone in a year filled with them. It’s also been roughly a year since the blog was […]


How MaxBounty Doing Improv Relates to Affiliate Marketing

Another MaxBounty bi-monthly bash took place on Friday, once again taking us out of our comfort zone but into a pub for drinks and food. Affiliate Manager Kate Boone planned this months event, having us take part in a little improvisational comedy. Needless to say it was a completely new experience for most of us. […]

CPA Elites Aims to Become Your Go-to CPA Forum

CPA Elites Aims to Become Your Go-to CPA Forum

CPAElites.com is a CPA affiliate marketing forum that has rapidly gained popularity over the last year. Even MaxBounty has an account and can be often found throughout the boards threads. We thought it’d be a good idea to educate some of our affiliates who have yet to discover what the forum has to offer. We […]


5 Questions to Ask Your MaxBounty Affiliate Manager

We’ve documented a few times how important your relationship with your MaxBounty Affiliate Manager is. It’s possible that you might not even realize how much of an immediate benefit they can be to you and your success at MaxBounty. Many of our affiliates may prefer an ‘on your own’ approach and only talk to their […]

No Trick All Treat with Halloween Offers at MaxBounty

No Trick All Treat with These MaxBounty Halloween Offers

If you glance at your calendar, you may be surprised to find out that half of October is already in the rear view mirror. What’s that mean exactly? Well other than the fact that you’re not good at paying attention, it means it’s Halloween campaign season for you MaxBounty affiliates. We’ve recently had an influx […]

Find the Promised Land by Creating Custom Landing Pages

Find the Promised Land by Creating Custom Landing Pages

A question that comes up pretty frequently from beginners in CPA is ‘what is the purpose of creating your own landing page?.” This blog is a perfect platform to explain a little more in depth as to why creating your own landing pages can be such an asset in affiliate marketing. It’s really quite simple. […]