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New and Rare Avira is a Safe Bet Among Anti-Virus Offers

Anti-virus campaigns do big money for a lot of publishers at MaxBounty. Now that Avira Anti-Virus has launched in the network, there’s a brand new way to earn in this consistently effective niche. This campaigns CPA rate of $26 is also a slight increase compared to some other US computer security offers. Avira is designed […]


Is Your Affiliate Marketing Style More Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Being an affiliate marketer is kind of like being a world class boxing champion. No, we’re serious. Okay well maybe it’s not AS physically demanding, but we assure you there are similarities. Instead of two gloves, you’re armed with a mouse and keyboard as you step inside the battlefield trying to strategically score blows, or […]


Victoria Milan Will Have You Leaving Old Dating Offers Behind

Quite some time has passed since we last featured a dating campaign on the MaxBounty blog. We’re breaking that dry spell with a new campaign to the network that has great potential to make you money for a variety of reasons. VictoriaMilan could be the newest must have dating offer for any pubs who specialize […]


Credit Sesame’s Plants Seeds for Earnings with Unique Service

Credit Sesame is a campaign that truly differentiates itself from other offers within its niche. A $4.40 payout strengthens its potential, but there’s more to the campaign than just a strong CPA rate. Standard credit report campaigns usually require the user to not only sign up, but to also pay in order to receive their […]


5 Ways to Improve Your Website or Blog Right Now

Using a website or a blog to promote affiliate marketing campaigns is one of the most effective ways to make money with CPA. It can be difficult to build it up to the point where your traffic is robust enough to make consistent earnings, but once you do you have a fully monetized money making […]


Testosterone Booster Pumps Up Muscles & Earnings with $100 CPA

If you’re all about that CPA rate, BioMerch Testosterone Booster is a new offer at MaxBounty that might provoke a double take. This offer’s $100 CPA rate is one of the largest in the network, perhaps getting some second hand exposure to that testosterone. Such a high rate provides you the affiliate with a way […]


FanDuel Soon to be Sports Offer Champion at MaxBounty

FanDuel is a brand new offer at MaxBounty that we couldn’t wait to tell you about. This $30 CPA campaign has everything you look for, dressed in high converting potential that’ll be sure to turn heads. The company is the undisputed leader in daily online fantasy sport leagues, dishing out millions of dollars to its […]


Become a Booking.com Guru and go to Affiliate Rewards: Peru!

Even though Affiliate Rewards:Peru has been live for nearly a couple weeks now, we’re offering you a brand NEW way to become one of the 12 MaxBounty publishers going. All you need to do is run Booking.com, a consistent top 10 campaign at MaxBounty and a juggernaut in the travel niche. If you can be […]


The New MaxBounty T-shirt Could Be Yours

Do you want some new MaxBounty swag? Our 10 year anniversary shirt was a big hit with our publishers and advertisers, but now that MaxBounty has been around for over 11 years, we wanted to offer a new design for you to don. Our new shirt aims to honour MaxBounty’s longevity and experience while also […]


Affiliate Rewards: Peru Launches Today!

The contest period for Affiliate Rewards: Peru is now officially live! That means starting today, every cent you make will count towards your rank in the standings of the respective categories. Remember that it’s not just the top six affiliates in earnings, but also 3 most improved and 3 ‘Wild Card’ pubs as well. Every […]


E-poll Market Research Voted Best New Survey Offer

Market Research campaigns are a popular niche at MaxBounty and we’ve discussed multiple ones here on the blog because of that. E-poll offers something a little different than your typical survey campaign however. With two seperate CPA rates, ($1/$2.35) you’ll get the chance to try out more than one strategy which we’ll go more in […]


MaxBounty’s Affiliate Rewards: Peru Launching April 1st

We’re still riding the high from Mardi Gras and already it’s time to launch our NEXT Affiliate Rewards contest, the 4th one overall! MaxBounty presents to you, Affiliate Rewards: Peru! We’ll be taking 12 of MaxBounty’s affiliates to Peru, South America for a once in a lifetime all-expenses paid trip to one of the most […]


MaxBounty Prescribes MemberRX to Improve Your Earnings

Truly unique offers can be hard to come by, but MemberRX – US is both that, new, and seeing high conversions right now at MaxBounty. Its $3.00 CPA rate is one that should payout often, with leads converting after a very basic pay submit. MemberRX offers you a type of campaign that you don’t see […]


Big MaxBounty News Coming Later This Week

MaxBounty has something very important to tell you about! Just not quite yet… We have some extremely exciting news that we will be announcing here on the blog later this week that you’re going to want to make sure you’re in on. In fact, MaxBounty is practically bursting at the seams with excitement. Although we […]


New Education Campaign Gets High Marks for Freedom

When taking a look at campaigns that convert on a one page submit, you’ll come to the conclusion that Education Financial Aid’s $2.40 CPA rate is a premium payout. It’s also a brand new campaign at MaxBounty that has some great potential, partly due to that rate. New campaigns like this one can work great […]


BestScoreWins – Android Tablet Gets High Marks

This campaign has a lot going for it, but for starters, BestScoreWins’ $20.40 CPA rate is a great foundation for this offer’s success. It’s a high payout for conversions that shouldn’t be difficult to come by because of the way this campaign is laid out. Users receive a free prize (an Android Tablet) for a […]


5 Horror Movie Clichés That Apply to Affiliate Marketing

Today is the 2nd Friday the 13th in a row and one of three in 2015. Instead of shying away from a day that’s known for bad luck, misfortune, and masked serial killers, we thought we’d embrace it by relating it to affiliate marketing. What’s one thing that every Friday the 13th inspired horror movie […]


CheapOair is Newest Travel Offer to Take Flight

Travel campaigns can frequently become top earning campaigns for CPA networks. Their global appeal and strong branding make them consistently popular among users and affiliates alike. CheapOAir is the newest travel offer to be introduced at MaxBounty and to carry that same top campaign potential as similar offers before it. This campaign features a $4.50 […]


Discovering the Game Plan of MaxBounty’s Most Improved

Every pub wants to become that super affiliate, making heaps of money while building themselves up as a recognizable name in the industry. What’s maybe more important than being the best though is being the most improved. It’s why every MaxBounty Affiliate Rewards contest doesn’t just take the top affiliates in the network, but also […]