MaxBounty TV Ensures Affiliates Start Earning Sooner

If you’ve recently been approved to start running offers at MaxBounty, we want to make sure you can begin doing so as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we’ve recently created a series of instructional videos that are aimed at guiding you through our Affiliate Dashboard, while ensuring you’re comfortable with choosing offers to begin promoting.

Even if you’re an experienced affiliate but new to MaxBounty, these videos could be helpful to you by accelerating the ‘feeling out’ process of our network.

In the five videos we’ve added so far, our Director of Affiliate Relations, Adam Harrison, will guide you through some important dashboard features like our advancing tracking, and reporting section. We hope this allows affiliate to start promoting campaigns sooner, eliminating the need to ask their Affiliate Manager questions regarding the dashboard.

You can watch these videos in the Affiliate Dashboard by clicking here here once you’ve logged in, or by scrolling down below where we’ve embedded them in this post.

Getting Started: How to get your MaxBounty account set up.

Navigating the Dashboard: How to navigate the different sections within the Affiliate Dashboard

Running a Campaign: How to select and begin running a campaign

Advanced Tracking: How to use sub-ids and callbacks

Reporting: How to use and interpret MaxBounty’s reporting

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