Using Payoneer Earns You Bonus Cash at MaxBounty

MaxBounty is re-introducing Payoneer as a payment option with more flexibility than ever to improve the way you’re paid your earnings. Both new and existing MaxBounty affiliates will also be rewarded bonus cash to their Payoneer account just for switching their payment option.

Why Payoneer?

Payoneer is a trusted and comprehensive payment platform that allows you to easily manage your payments online, and provides you with multiple ways to be paid quickly and securely.

Bank Transfers

  • Receive funds directly to your local bank account, as quickly as in 1 business day
  • Local Currency payment options
  • Avoid excessive transfer and conversion fees

Prepaid MasterCard Card

  • Funds available on your card within minutes
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs supporting MasterCard®
  • Spend funds in stores or online
  • Transfer funds from your card to your local bank account

Switch and Be Rewarded

Every approved MaxBounty affiliate will be rewarded $25 to their Payoneer account if they earn and are paid at least $250 by August 15th. The money will be automatically added to your Payoneer account on that day, in addition to any earnings you’re owed.

To begin being paid through Payoneer, log in to your MaxBounty account and click here to be directed to the payment option page then click ‘Register Now’. Once you’ve signed up, your MaxBounty earnings will begin being paid to you through the service on June 13th.

14 thoughts on “Using Payoneer Earns You Bonus Cash at MaxBounty

  1. Hi
    I’ve linked my Maxbounty account with my existing payoneer account , am I still eligible for the bonus?

    1. Unfortunately, no. Only new Payoneer users are eligible for the bonus.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Is this only applicable to new Payoneer users? Does this offer include existing users?

    1. Hi Mike,

      Unfortunately, the $25 bonus is only applicable to new Payoneer users.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. Hi MB,

    I just signed up to payoneer today ( application under review). So when exactly do i get paid my $250 and $25 Bonus ?..

    1. Hi Andrew,

      As long you earn at least $250 within the next two payment dates (the 8th and the 15th), you’ll receive the $25 to your Payoneer account on the 15th. This will still happen as long as the sum of the two payment dates adds up to $250. (ie. you get paid $150 on the 8th and $100 on the 15th)

      Let us know if you have any other questions.


      1. Hey Joe,

        So Who’s gonna pay me my $250, i applied for ?
        My application has been approved, but i still dont understand you.

        The Ad says ” Signup and Earn $250 with Payoneer by August 15 and get $25 Reward “. Is this another Trick or should i close my payoneer account ?

      2. You must earn the $250 promoting offers as an affiliate at MaxBounty. Nobody is giving that to you. The $25 is the bonus.

  4. Hey Joe,

    Is it true that MaxBounty is moving away from other methods of payment completely, and only offering Payoneer as a method of payment these days? I can see the benefit of the $25 bonus, but requiring all affiliates to open and maintain a Payoneer account seems drastic.


  5. I have a payoneer account but i need to join my beloved Maxbounty to start earning on it but it seem i will need a CPA website before i’m considered. I only build squeeze pages which has given me 45k list on health and dating niche. Though i have set aside $5,000 for Facebook paid advertising on offers that accept social traffic being certain i will succeed with Maxbounty with the help of an Affiliate manager and other tools at my disposal. keep doing great work and thanks for accepting Payoneer. wishing i’m accepted too!

    1. Having a website is not mandatory to be accepted into MaxBounty. Explain your strategy for acquiring traffic as you have above and you should have no problem getting an application phone call from one of our Affiliate Managers. Just put “custom squeeze pages” in the section that asks you for a website.

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