AdWord’s Parallel Tracking Increases Conversions for Affiliates

Parallel tracking is a new Google AdWords feature that aims to increase loading time speeds for landing pages. The purpose of this is to reduce the number of visitors who click away while they’re waiting for a page or site to fully load.

Parallel tracking works by keeping tracking measures separate from the URL of the final landing page in the sales path. It instead ensures that click measurement occurs in the background meaning the page won’t have to load the tracking URL prior to the LP. This process allows pages to load faster, ultimately improving conversions rates by ensuring users are getting to landing pages quicker than before.

parallel tracking


If you’re a MaxBounty affiliate who uses AdWords to promote offers, then you could benefit by using the parallel tracking feature.

Seconds Determine Conversions

If you use Google AdWords to promote search campaigns, the increased loading speeds that parallel tracking offers, albeit small, could have a significant positive impact on your conversion rates.

Studies show that even a 1 second delay in page load time can reduce page views by 11%, and conversions by 7%. Mobile users specifically expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds, and they’ll likely be impacted the most by parallel tracking’s increased loading speeds.

Increased Campaign Approvals

Using parallel tracking could also ensure that AdWords approves more MaxBounty offers.

AdWords will sometimes block certain offers because the destination URL (The MaxBounty affiliate link) is different than the display URL (The landing page/site of the advertiser’s campaign). Parallel tracking ensures that the two links will be opened simultaneously rather than sequentially, eliminating this discrepancy.


All AdWords advertisers will be required to use parallel tracking come October 30th, 2018, but for now the feature remains optional.

You should familiarize yourself with this feature now if you use AdWords on a regular basis. This will give you time to develop a better understanding of what’s required to use it, and how it may affect conversions.

To learn more about AdWords parallel tracking, click here to be directed to Google’s Developer Guide.

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