Receive $100 Bonus Through MaxBounty/Taboola Partnership

MaxBounty has partnered with leading discovery platform Taboola to earn you more when you expand your affiliate marketing traffic sources.

Taboola provides affiliates with engagement-increasing content distribution through effective native advertising. Sign up to the platform through MaxBounty and you can also receive a $100 bonus to your Taboola account to assist with any future success.

To receive the $100, MaxBounty affiliates must spend at least $100 on Taboola after signing up to the platform through the designated link on our post log-in Resources Page.

What Is Taboola?

Taboola first launched in 2006, and since then it has grown exponentially as one of the world’s largest and advanced discovery platforms.

Often described as a “search engine in reverse,” Taboola provides article recommendations to connect users with personalized content that they are most likely to be interested in. This predictive technology is highly successful at increasing both engagement and traffic, as publishers are guided to the right audiences with the right technique to catch users’ eyes.

You’ve likely come across Taboola’s native ads at the bottom of countless news articles, usually accompanied by “Around the Web” or Recommend for You” headings. These ads attract users’ attention by effectively complimenting their interests.

They deliver to more than one billion users every month on some of the most-visited sites around the world. Thousands of publishers, marketers and agencies use Taboola to assist in increasing engagement and distributing content to users. 

Why Should Affiliates Use Taboola?

Taboola Affiliate

Native advertising has continued to grow in both popularity and effectiveness over the past two years.

As a non-disruptive form of advertising, it’s organic placement ensures users are less aware of the presence of an ad, resulting in higher engagement. This makes it a great asset in affiliate marketing.

Compared to traditional display ads, native ads are more engaging and produce a 52% higher view rate, making it a great alternative traffic source. Taboola estimates the global market for native ads will double in 2018, reaching over $60 billion of annual revenue. Also, their audiences have 30% more pages-per-visit than any other competing traffic sources.

How to Receive Your $100 Bonus

If you’re not currently working with MaxBounty, you can sign up to become an affiliate. 

If you’re already a MaxBounty affiliate, log in and go to our Resources Page in the Affiliate Dashboard for a link to sign up to Taboola. Once you spend your first $100 on the platform, your additional $100 bonus will be automatically added to your Taboola account.

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    1. The referral link is in the Resources section once you’ve logged in to your MaxBounty account. You’ll find it at the bottom of the side panel that’s to your left.

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