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Nutra Offer Optimization: Promoting a Top Affiliate Marketing Vertical in Asia

Nutraceuticals, or nutra for short, is one of the most profitable and, therefore, most popular verticals in affiliate marketing. After all, everyone wants to be healthy and look good without much effort and there’s a variety of offers to cater to these desires – weight loss, skin care, hair products, brain pills, muscle building products, to name a few. To achieve the desired result, supplement manufacturers often require customers to make additional purchases.           

Nutra offers are especially popular in Asia. If you’ve been contemplating promoting nutra offers in this GEO but didn’t know where to start, read on.

Native ad network MGID have agreed to share with you some of their insights on how to set up a nutra campaign in Thailand that converts.     

How to choose offers

Weight loss products are the top nutraceutical performers in Thailand.

If you got a 1 baht offer from your affiliate network, be ready for a high refusal rate among your leads. Here’s why: a 1 baht offer is that kind of a ‘buy two get one free’ offer where, for example, you pay 1000 baht for two boxes of weight loss pills and get the third one for just 1 baht. People clicking the ad often only notice the 1 baht part. After being contacted by the call center and learning the full price, many leads refuse to buy it. The average share of those who actually pay is only about 20 to 30%. 1 baht offers only work well if combined with cheap traffic and Thailand is currently a highly competitive GEO.   

Aim to strike the right balance: if traffic is expensive, go for expensive offers and vice versa. A 1500 baht offer is good, 999 baht is even better. To get this kind of offer, you need to have a good track record with your affiliate network.    

Work with a reliable network

Choosing to work with an experienced and reliable CPA network like MaxBounty will simplify the process of promoting nutra offers in Asian GEOs. They can handle a large volume of leads, their Affiliate Managers will provide you with ongoing assistance, and they’ll have a healthy selection of offers in the nutraceutical niche for you to choose from.

In fact, promoting MaxBounty’s high-converting $160 CPA Nutrisystem campaign would be the perfect way to apply the knowledge we’re aiming to provide you with in this post.

Invest in your campaign wisely

How do you determine if your campaign budget is good? Well, based on our clients’ experience, given the average CPC of $0.05 – 0.07 for nutra offers in Thailand, you should be ready to spend no less than $400 daily if you are to achieve good results.

Speaking of which, MGID has a special deal for MaxBounty affiliates who are interested in using native ads to promote Nutra offers. You can receive a 25% bonus on your first deposit of $1000 or more to MGID and take advantage of a dedicated affiliate manager’s assistance in running and optimizing your campaign.

If you’re already a MaxBounty affiliate, you can become eligible for the bonus by signing up to MGID. 

If you aren’t a MaxBounty affiliate, you can apply to become one by heading to their Affiliate Sign-up page.     

Work on your creatives

Of course, you can spy for effective creatives using AdPlexity or other intelligence tools. From these services, you will learn that images showing flabby stomachs and belly fat still perform fairly well.  


A better alternative is trying to use images containing fruits that are popular in Thai culture, such as white mango, pineapple or dragon fruit, or traditional Thai dishes (green papaya salad, coconut milk soup etc.).    


Get inspired by the Thai cuisine to make an exclusive creative or, even better, a few creatives that may well become your winning ad.   

And remember that moderation of non-English creatives takes a little longer than usual. As you upload your ads in your MGID dashboard, allow some time for moderation. To avoid rejection, be sure to check out our creative guidelines for ads and landing pages:

Another observation: sending traffic directly to the offer page doesn’t work well. Create pre-landers. Nothing out of the ordinary here – weight loss stories told by regular people accompanied by comments from those who would like to lose weight. Also, make sure your advertorial is written in good Thai. By all means avoid google translation.   

Optimize your campaigns

Getting sufficient data for campaign optimization takes some time, so identify top publishers and increase your bids on them to get as much traffic as possible from these placements.

And don’t forget that your MaxBounty Affiliate Manager is always there to help. Armed with experience, data from the analytics department and an advanced set of optimization tools, your AM will make sure your campaign achieves the highest ROI possible. 

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