Top 5 Mobile Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Mobile devices have become an integral part of most of the population’s everyday life.

As a society, we’re spending more time than ever fixating on our cellular super computers. This can be attributed to smartphone technology propelling what was once just a portable phone into a technological Swiss army knife.

They’ve also become our most preferred way to digest online content.

Where there’s online traffic there’s affiliate marketers.

Mobile traffic is popular, it’s lucrative, and it’s making a lot of affiliates a lot of money.  If you’re not one of them, you’re likely reading this because you’d like to be.

To promote affiliate marketing offers to mobile users, you’ll have to do some research on the multitude of mobile traffic platforms, choose one, sign up, select some ad formats, and begin bidding on site placements.

Alternatively, you can simplify the first half of that process by reading below to find out which 5 mobile traffic sources we believe you should be using and why.


mobile traffic


Minimum Deposit: $50

Why you should sign up: The number one reason we think you should use Airpush is the variety of ad formats they offer.

Overlay ads, rich media ads, in-app banners, video ads, and landing page ads are just some of the options you can test out to see what works best with the offer you’re promoting. You can then track and optimize those ads with their dynamic tracking tokens.

They’ve also spent a lot of time optimizing their push notification format and are currently at the forefront of popularizing a newer ad format – abstract banners. These ads function as full-motion transparent overlays that stand out from more traditional ad formats. They’re attractive, they’re unique, and their goal is to increase engagement.

Their HyperTarget function will also allow you to target users based on unique information such as previous app downloads, improving your chances of putting the product or service you’re promoting in front of the people who will actually want it.

Some of the biggest brands in the world like Coca-Cola, Toyota, and Amazon have utilized Airpush’s technology and volume to acquire quality mobile traffic. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be as well.


mobile traffic


Minimum Deposit: $100

Why you should sign up: Leadbolt partner with over 65,000 apps – all with a substantial user base that affiliates like yourself can use as traffic for the campaigns you’re promoting.

Like Airpush, they also have a nice selection of ad formats including banners, native, and offerwalls.

Their platform provides you with automatic optimization tools that will analyze your campaigns performance for you. This simplifies the process of determining what’s working and what’s not, ensuring you’re doing more of the former rather than the latter. You’d be surprised how much of a positive impact this can have on your efficiency.

They’re also known for having great customer and tech support that will help you out at any time of the day you need it.

If you Google reviews of their platform, you’ll find numerous people praising their team for assisting them in a timely manner on a myriad of issues. They’ve built that reputation by consistently being there for their clients, something that you’ll likely want out of a traffic platform.




Minimum Deposit: $200

Why you should sign up: Although their minimum deposit may be a little higher than some other options, Zeropark’s self-serve CPM platform is a well oiled traffic-acquiring machine.

We especially like the fact that they offer a premium campaign feature that guarantees you a better payout to cost ratio and a higher conversion rate compared to standard campaigns.

Their integrated partnership with leading ad tracking platform Voluum is another unique perk that they offer.

After being approved into Zeropark, you’ll automatically receive one free month of Voluum tracking. This will allow you to track everything you’re doing in that first month without having to worry about any extra costs that would normally be required to track campaigns out of the gate.

Even after the first month the integration still provides several benefits.

Since Zeropark and Voluum utilize the same logic and database, you can expect faster tracking speeds and accuracy which will help you when you’re trying to optimize your campaigns.

Survey/sweeps campaigns, dating, and mobile apps and games are some of the verticals that Zeropark recommends you promote with their platform.

If you’re just beginning your affiliate marketing journey, Zeropark may not be the best choice, but if you already have some experience using other paid traffic sources, then they’re a well rounded platform that we recommend you try out.




Minimum Deposit: $5

Why you should sign up: What sets Mobicow apart from other mobile traffic platforms is that they specifically focus on full-page mobile ads. They’re confident that the increased size of this ad format allows for more creative freedom which can then translate to increased engagement and conversions.

If you feel like you need some substantial ad space to promote an offer the way you’d like to, then they may be your best option.

They also offer some comprehensive targeting options that will allow you to choose the country, city, device, operating system, and carrier of the users who will see your ad.

With an ultra-affordable $5 minimum deposit (the most affordable one on our list) they’re also a great option for beginners to both mobile traffic and affiliate marketing in general.


mobile traffic


Minimum Deposit: $100

Why you should sign up: You’ll immediately gain access to over 120,000 apps, games, and mobile websites. This is an abundance of traffic.

What makes that quantity even more impressive is that the traffic is considerably cheaper than many other mobile platforms that offer Real-Time Bidding on a CPM pricing model.

Their integration with BidSwitch, a routing technology, will allow you to advertise to more users through various channels, apps, and sites by giving you access to over 150 supply partners.

BidSwitch also features an optimization function will allow you to access the exact inventory that suits your specific bidding activity. The purpose of this is to increase the efficiency of your bids.

A good variety of ad formats, targeting options, optimization tools, and an intuitive interface make Go2Mobi a great overall option if you’re looking for a new or first mobile traffic source.


The five mobile traffic sources we’ve listed above all offer a slightly different experience, and some may suit you, your strategy, and the offers you’re promoting better than others.

There’s also a multitude of other mobile traffic platforms not listed here that can still be effective traffic sources.

Determine what’s most important to you – ad format diversity, targeting options, tracking and optimization integration, or even the minimum deposit that’s required, use your judgement, and select one that you think best fulfills what YOU desire in a traffic source.

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  1. I tried Mobicow and it is really amazing network for mobile traffic. The thing which i most like is Minimum Deposit $5 which is affordable even for beginners as well. Now i will try Airpush as well. Thanks for sharing such a great Information.

    1. Ammad did you get some leads for this Mobicow network and which offer you run on it and with landing page or with direct linking

    2. Did you get any leads from mobicow I tried Mobi it is useless website not a single lead their traffic is useless not a single lead 2000 clicks

  2. Hello Joe, I am a newbie to affiliate marketing, thanks for publishing this wonderful article on Mobile Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing!!
    I found it to be very educational, this is the path that I will follow. Sincerely grateful for all your help and advice. Gavin Fraser.

      1. Please Joef I have sent every details to you Including my passwords. You can log in to my Mobicow account and compare the numbers with those in Max Bounty. They almost Match each other. I have used only Mobicow To promote my Campaign, I don’t understand why then I am accused to be a fraudster, yet I have only done that which your blogs has taught. Please help me Joef.

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