Payoneer Payments: How to Easily Sign-up and Get Approved

We understand how hard you work to make money in affiliate marketing. We also understand that you want to be paid that money quickly, securely, and with the greatest flexibility possible.

To ensure that this is what you and every other MaxBounty affiliate experience every time you’re paid what you’ve earned, we’re transitioning our primary payment method to Payoneer.

Why Payoneer?

Payoneer is a trusted and comprehensive payment platform that allows you to easily manage your payments online while providing you with multiple ways to be paid quickly and securely:

Bank Transfers

  • Receive funds directly to your local bank account, as quickly as in 1 business day
  • Local Currency payment options
  • Avoid excessive transfer and conversion fees

Prepaid MasterCard Card

  • Funds available on your card within minutes
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs supporting MasterCard®
  • Spend funds in stores or online
  • Transfer funds from your card to your local bank account

If you’re not currently being paid through Payoneer at MaxBounty, we’re going to take you through each step of the sign-up process so that you have a smooth transition to a new payment method. We also want you to be approved quickly, and following our advice below will ensure that happens.

To switch your MaxBounty payment method to Payoneer and begin the sign-up process, log in to your account, click here to go to the Payment page, and then click ‘sign up’ under Payoneer.

Step 1 – Getting Started


What to remember: 

  1. Input your name as it appears on your ID.
  2. Use a different e-mail address if you’ve filled out a Payoneer application previously.
  3. Input your date of birth as it appears on your ID.

Step 2 – Contact Details


What to remember: 

  1. Double check that you’ve selected the correct country for your address.
  2. Ensure you provide a complete residential address. If you live in a rural area then don’t hesitate to describe your address in detail. (directions, surroundings, etc.)
  3. Do not use an address that is public or a PO Box address.

Step 3 – Security Details


What to remember: 

  1. Use unique passwords and security answers and make sure to keep them confidential.
  2. When providing ID details at the end of this step, it is ideal that the country that issued your ID is the same country you input in the Contact Details form in Step 2. If the ID country is different than your address country, please ensure you input the same one found on your actual ID.
  3. Make sure the ID number you use is from a valid (not expired) identity document.

Step 4 – Almost Done (Bank Transfer)


What to remember: 

  1. All banking details must be complete and accurate. If you’re unsure about some of the banking details required, please refer to your bank statement or contact your bank.
  2. SWIFT codes can be found online.
  3. Ideally you should be using a bank account that is under your own name.

Step 4 – Almost Done (Pre-paid Credit Card)


What to remember: 

  1. The shipping address MUST be complete otherwise the card will not arrive.
  2. It’s ideal that the shipping country and billing country match. This is not mandatory, however.
  3. The shipping address can be both a public or POB address.
  4. The shipping address must be under your own name.

Post Sign-up

Once you’ve completed signing up, you’ll receive an Order Confirmation e-mail letting you know Payoneer have received your application. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a separate Approval Confirmation e-mail.

To switch your MaxBounty payment method to Payoneer and begin the sign-up process, log in to your account, click here to go to the Payment page, and then click ‘sign up’ under Payoneer.

One thought on “Payoneer Payments: How to Easily Sign-up and Get Approved

  1. Everything looks fine. But the Charges are not comfortable. Every time you receive a payment from Maxbounty, there is an initial loading charge of $3. While i am receiving payments from other networks like peerfly, they are not charging anything. Especially from the payments Maxbounty, They are charging every time you receive a payment for the amount $3. It would be nice if the charges are removed. I asked my AM regarding this. He replied me this is due to Maxbounty’s fast processing procedure at Payoneer. Actually there is no need of Fast up the payment procedure. I am getting Payments as usual from the Peerfly without any extra cost. It would be nice if Maxbounty changes the option to normal loading payments at Payoneer.

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