MGID Native Push Notifications: Why Affiliates Should Take Notice

Three months ago, popular native ad network MGID introduced a new native traffic type to their platform – native push notifications.

Within that time, they’ve been running tests and collecting feedback from both advertisers (affiliates) and the websites that are publishing the notifications to users.

The results are in: they’re extremely effective.

Last month alone MGID delivered almost 400 million global notifications to users. The volume is there but most importantly, they are engaging users.

For example, they’re seeing click-through rates that are twice as high as e-mail, a traffic  source that aims to accomplish something similar.

What is a Native Push Notification?

Native push notifications work by sending users a request that pops up on the website they’re visiting. Users will then opt-in to be sent short messages and updates either to their desktop or mobile devices. They’re instantly notified of these messages which are the vehicle affiliates use to promote CPA campaigns from networks like MaxBounty.

Think of native push notifications as a combination of native and pop-up traffic. They’re clickable messages that pop up from an app or website that maintain unobtrusive qualities of traditional native advertising.

For affiliates, they can be an effective way to target the exact types of users who are most likely to be interested in the offer they’re promoting.

Here’s a few examples of what they look like, and of the style of copy that’s most effective at getting the user to engage with the push:


The Benefits of Running Offers with Native Push

Increase Engagement: Native push notifications operate as individual call-to-actions that are delivered directly to the users who are most likely to complete that action.

Non-Disruptive Feel: Since users have some control regarding the notifications they’re seeing, it ensures they feel as if they’re staying connected to relevant information they care about, rather than being targeted with annoying ads. This is partly why they’re still considered native advertising.

A/B Testing: Native push notifications are a perfect traffic source for the modern affiliate who’s obsessed with testing. It’s easy to customize images and copy and make slight variations to determine what’s working best at engaging users.

Live Analytics: The minute ads go live, affiliates will be able see the percentage of users who are clicking on each creative. This will allow them to begin the optimization process immediately.

What Verticals Work Best

A large variety of offers and verticals will work well with native push traffic, however there are a few that standout as a perfect fit.

Sweepstakes, voucher, and coupon campaigns perform exceptionally well because they’re offering users the chance to win something. This inevitably catches their attention while lending itself well to a format that works best when the creative is kept short and sweet, like traditional native ads.

Dating, gambling/entertainment, and health and beauty are some other verticals that affiliates have been finding success with using native push traffic.

Only offers that can be promoted effectively with a few words should be used with this type of traffic.


If you’re an affiliate, trying out a new traffic source can be a great way to inject your affiliate marketing initiatives with something fresh and exciting, especially if you’re already familiar with MGID and native advertising.

If you’re a MaxBounty affiliate but you’re not currently signed up to MGID, you can also immediately expand your ad budget by signing up through our partnership link here. Doing so will provide you with a 25% bonus credit on any $1000+ deposits you make to your MGID account.

You can then learn more about how to set up native push notifications by checking out MGID’s tutorial page.


3 thoughts on “MGID Native Push Notifications: Why Affiliates Should Take Notice

  1. I signed up for MGID because of the recommendation here… I’ve been trying to get in contact with MGID for about 5 days now. I’ve contacted the manager that I was assigned to and have tried contacting main support through email and I am not getting any responses. On top of minimal contact, my ad has been under moderation for about 5 days as well while other traffic sources approve them within hours or the very next day.

    I’m also having trouble with them honoring the 25% bonus credit, It hasn’t been applied to my account upon depositing using the link above. Again, I would also like to resolve this issue but they are not communicating with me.

    1. Yeah, I signed up also, and holy crap they have the slowest ad approval I’ve EVER seen.

      The bonus also did not go through for me in a few days. They gave me a rep though, so hopefully he can help with that.

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