Ebates Button Extension Earns Cash for Both Users and Affiliates


This month’s MaxBounty Blog Campaign Spotlight is on our Ebates Button Extension – Desktop (CPI) campaign.

Ebates is an American Cash Back site that partners with numerous big brand shopping sites to provide online shoppers with more savings.

The Ebates Button Extension is a downloadable feature that saves users money when they’re shopping online. Here’s how it works:

Activate Cash Back Directly at Store Sites

If the shopping site the user is on features Cash Back, Ebate’s Cash Back Button will automatically alert them while also telling them how much they’ll save.

Automatically Apply Coupons at Checkout with Coupon Magic

Users save time by never having to go out of their way to search for coupon codes. The extension automatically applies coupons when the user goes to the checkout to purchase products.

Get the Best Price with Price Magic

If a user is shopping on an online store that doesn’t offer Cash Back, Ebates’ Button will let them know if a specific product is available at another store at a lower price with Cash Back.

Why you should promote this campaign

Using browser extensions over traditional downloadable applications is continuing to grow in popularity among users. They’re quicker to use, more intuitive, and people trust downloading something that’s an extension of their Chrome, FireFox, etc. browser.

These qualities are also good news for affiliates because it means leads that convert on a completed install, like this one, should occur more frequently.

Ebates is also a familiar brand name that users will recognize and trust. There’s a multitude of creatives available for you to use in your promotion that showcase their brand, which should help in attracting users.

To run this offer log in to your MaxBounty account and go to the offer page by searching its Offer ID# (13912).

You can also go to the pre-login Offer Page here. 



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