Using MaxBounty’s Affiliate Dashboard to Find Your Next Scalable Offer

The MaxBounty Affiliate Dashboard is essentially a menu for finding the campaign that satisfies your appetite for earning potential.

It’s the very first thing you see anytime you log in to your MaxBounty account.

One of the main features of MaxBounty’s Dashboard are the sortable campaign tabs found under the campaign slider.

The purpose of campaign tabs is to give you the ability to find new campaigns to run when you don’t have something specific in mind that you can find by using the search function.

To help you better understand what types of offers each tab is listing, we’re going to go into detail on all six of them. We’ll talk about each tab’s purpose and when and how you should use them to find new campaigns to promote.

New Campaigns

This tab simply features the most recently launched campaigns at MaxBounty including both active and by request offers.

What’s important to know is that campaigns are automatically listed here the second they’re launched by our Business Development Team. You’re literally seeing the absolute newest campaigns available to promote. That makes this an area that you should check frequently, as it can change multiple times a day depending on how many new campaigns are launched.

Top Campaigns

The campaigns featured under this tab are earning MaxBounty affiliates the most money in the entire network.

Since change can come quick in affiliate marketing, we decided to make this tab only display the highest converting campaigns of the past month. This ensures you’re only seeing what affiliates are finding success with right now, not 6 months ago. You’ll know that these offers still have potential to make you money if you were to start promoting them today.

The top campaigns listed are then recalculated daily so that you’re truly seeing the highest converting campaigns of the last 30 days, not just the calendar month.

Trending Campaigns

This section allows you to see what campaigns other MaxBounty affiliates are visiting the most.

This can be a helpful feature for any affiliate, but if you’ve just been approved into the network then this is a great place to start browsing offers.

There’s usually a good variety of campaigns, and you’ll begin developing idea of what types of offers other affiliates gravitate towards.

A great way to utilize this section is finding a campaign that interests you and presenting it to your Affiliate Manager. Ask them why the campaign page is receiving a lot of views, if it’s converting well, and what types of traffic seem to be the best fit.

MaxBounty Picks

Despite the name, this tab doesn’t contain specific campaigns that we’re purposely pushing to affiliates to get more traffic on. It’s designed to present you with campaigns that relate to what’s already brought you success.

This is accomplished through our tag system that identifies similarities between campaigns. This takes into account verticals, rates, conversion details, and country or traffic permissions.

Once you’ve sent leads to one or more campaigns, this tab will begin to be populated with other offers that we think will interest you based on your promotion history.

This tab is useful if you’re looking for a new offer to run but don’t know have any kind of starting point.

Recently Viewed

Any campaign pages that you’ve previously opened will be displayed under this tab.

Let’s say you were looking through campaigns a week ago and then decided you wanted to revisit something (either to potentially promote it, compare it to another offer, etc.). It may be difficult to remember that exact campaign(s) page you were once on. This tab ensure you don’t have to, as they’ll be listed here as long as you were on the actual offer page.

The next campaign tab is a similar idea but simplifies the process of coming back to a campaign.


If you come across campaigns that you know you’re going to want to re-visit, you can simply bookmark them, and they’ll be immediately listed under this tab.

To bookmark a campaign, just click the Bookmark button found underneath the campaign’s name on its respective page.

This is a great way to build your own personal library of campaigns that suit your promotional strategy or traffic source.

If you decide you no longer want a specific campaign listed under this tab, you can un-bookmark it by going to the offer page and clicking the ‘remove bookmark’ button.


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