Receive +$100 Bonus on RTX Platform Through MaxBounty

RTX has become a premier platform in the affiliate space by providing affiliates with a comprehensive place to acquire traffic.

They accomplish this by consistently focusing on maximizing affiliates’ ad revenue with a variety of captivating ad units, fully customizable campaigns, and traffic that converts at massive scale for virtually any offer. They’re diverse in their offerings to say the least.

If you’ve considered trying RTX as a means of acquiring traffic before but have yet to do so, you should know that it pays to change that consideration into an action.

If you spend at least $75 within your first week after signing up to RTX through our link, you’ll receive an additional $100 to use for any promotional initiatives in the platform. That’s all it takes to more than double the amount of spending money you have to acquire and direct quality traffic to your MaxBounty campaigns. That, and clicking this link right here. 

RTX allows you to choose from one of three pricing models – Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per View (CPV), and Cost Per Mille/Impression (CPM), and specializes in three types of traffic. Click on the links below to learn more about each traffic source and if it meets your needs.

Push Notifications


Native Ads




If you’re looking for quality traffic from a platform that has a history of providing it, (Keep in mind former contextual kings 50onRed integrated into RTX) then RTX is likely to fulfill that desire.

Sign up to RTX here to receive the $100 bonus after spending $75 in your first week.

You can also sign up to become a MaxBounty affiliate by clicking here.


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