MaxBounty Affiliates Receive 50% Discount on CPA Training Course

We’re frequently asked by both new and intermediate affiliates whether we offer or can recommend any CPA or affiliate marketing training.

We’re usually cautious with how we answer this question because we don’t want you spending considerable money, money that we know could be spent on traffic and setting up campaigns, on something that isn’t going to provide you with real value.

However, a long-time trusted affiliate of ours, David Johnson, has been building and perfecting a CPA/affiliate marketing training course that we feel does have substantial value, enough so that we feel comfortable recommending it to you and any affiliate who’s looking for academic training.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re just looking to re-invigorate your approach to CPA, David’s course – Social CPA Formula – focuses on teaching the essentials to building a profitable CPA campaign including:

• How to find, research, setup, launch, optimize and scale campaigns.
• What strategies he has used and continues to use that have been effective
• How to properly use tracking metrics to identify profits and losses
• How to use the Facebook Pixel to optimize your ads
• Access to a collection of revealing, in-depth case studies
• +12 other modules

If any of the above interests you, it’s important that you know that right now all MaxBounty affiliates can also receive 50% off Social CPA Formula by signing up through this link – Sign up, and using ‘ 50%off ‘ as the promo code.

If you ultimately decide to sign up to the training course, we hope that it provides you with the necessary education that energizes both your CPA strategies and your earnings.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Social CPA Formula and what it teaches before making a decision.

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  1. how i can buy this course with the help of paypal , let me know and also is there any other courses regarding maxbounty or any other CPA Network so send me on my email id

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