Campaign Spotlight: ($19 CPA)

billstats is a financial site that offers users several tools to help them calculate and manage their mortgage payments.

The backbone of their site is a function that allows users to easily receive mortgage information from top providers after filling out a short form.

Although this is a great, straight-forward, all-around US financial offer that can work with several traffic sources, that’s not why we’re recommending you promote it this December.

The main reason you should consider promoting this campaign becomes apparent when you look at the payout and what’s required for you to earn that amount. Mind you, this is something you should be factoring into your decision when you’re debating on running any campaign.

When on a campaign’s page at MaxBounty, make sure you understand how and when a lead generates on that specific campaign. You can find this under the Commission section. Then take a minute to think about what’s required of the user to provide you with that conversion.

Try to put yourself in their situation and even go through a portion of the sales path yourself. Is it simple? Complicated? Is it worth the ‘reward’?

For this campaign, a conversion generates on a completed form submit – a standard action for a non-sale offer with a lower CPA rate. However, the difference with LowerMyBills is that the form requires no login, registration, or personal information outside of which pertains to the user’s mortgage.

This accomplishes two things:

  • Saves the user time
  • Makes the user feel as though there’s no commitment or ‘catch’

Even with a lower CPA rate, this can go a long way in ensuring your promotion of a campaign is profitable, but add on a respectable $19 payout and it’s easy to see why there’s many MaxBounty affiliates making money with this offer as the year winds down.

If you’d like to promote, you can request to run it by heading to its campaign page here. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be automatically directed to the page after doing so.

If you’d like to run this campaign but you’re not a MaxBounty affiliate, you can sign up to become one here:

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