MaxBounty Celebrating 15 Years as a Network in 2019

15 years of MaxBounty. That’s one thing that 2019 represents to us.

15 years in this industry represents a little more to us than just a milestone, however.

A decade and a half is a long time in an industry that’s as new and as fast-paced as performance marketing. Over that period, many networks have struggled to keep up with technological innovation and new expectations that can arise with little warning.

We learned early on that growth and evolution are necessary for a network to not only stay in existence but to thrive. It’s our belief that our dedication to both of those is what has allowed us to continually expand our presence and help shape the industry the past 15 years.

Although we’re proud of our experience, our focus and commitment to the present continues to be our priority. We’re far from complacent as we enter 2019.

The launch of our first Advertiser Tracking Platform last month aims to provide advertisers with more control and data accessibility than they’ve ever had in performance marketing. We’re not content with just meeting new expectations, we want to be the ones that set them.

This past week we were voted the Best CPA Network for Advertisers in mThink’s 2019 BlueBook Top Network Survey. This is a tremendous honour for us and a testament to our dedication to always finding new solutions for our clients.

We have numerous new projects we plan to roll out this year as we strive to continue that growth and evolution that’s propelled us to where we are today. We can’t wait to share these with you in 2019.

Most importantly, the last 15 years of success wouldn’t have been possible without the individual relationships we’ve made during that time. That includes all our affiliates, advertisers, partners, and other industry professionals who’ve helped transform MaxBounty from a humble start-up into a veteran leader in performance marketing.

We’re grateful if you’ve been a part of our story so far and hope that you either join or continue to play a role in the next chapter of MaxBounty.

Thank you.

Be a part of the next 15 years:

Become an affiliate.

Become an advertiser.

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