Advertisers Vote MaxBounty the Best CPA Network in 2019

When technology and expectations can change as quickly as they do in performance marketing, it is important to turn to the people who work with you every single day to obtain an accurate evaluation of your initiatives.

For us, that is our affiliates and advertisers.

We take great pride in the fact that the people who know our network better than anyone aren’t afraid to tell the world that they think MaxBounty does it better than any other network.

That happened this month when we were voted the Best CPA Network in the World by advertisers in mThink’s annual BlueBook Survey.

It obviously means a lot to us to be recognized as a leader in the space, but it’s even more significant right now because of our objective to improve the network/advertiser relationship in this industry.

The recent launching of our Advertiser Tracking Interface is one of the ways we hope to accomplish this goal. It was even frequently referenced by many of the individuals who voted for us in this year’s survey.

Despite the honour of advertisers naming us the best network, we certainly don’t plan on resting on our laurels.

We want to continue to increase the value of performance marketing in the eyes of both current and potential advertisers by expanding our network’s features and efficiency. That includes bolstering the affiliate side of our network as well to ensure they have everything at their disposal to successfully promote campaigns.

We’ll be launching more projects throughout 2019 that we hope will ensure we’re writing a similar post to this one a year from now. Keep an eye out for those as we continue to evolve MaxBounty.

Thank you for voting for us. We hope to make you feel confident in doing so again by the end of 2019.


If you’re an advertiser and want to find out why your contemporaries voted MaxBounty the best CPA network in the world, you can sign up to work with us here.

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  1. This is the best marketing network in world keep it up maxbounty thank you to my great manager

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