Push Notification Ads: 8 Tips for Writing Copy that Converts

We discussed the rise in popularity of push notification traffic on the blog earlier in the year. Now that you understand why ‘push’ is so effective and where you can acquire it, we’re going delve into the most important element of a push notification ad: the copy.

Your ad is going to live and die by how effective your copy is at engaging users. Follow these 8 tips to ensure yours succeeds at attracting an audience and most importantly, generating conversions.

1. Be Cohesive

From the first word of your headline to the last line on your landing page, your message needs to flow naturally.

Each individual element (copy, images, call-to-action, etc.) needs to connect thematically which you can accomplish by ensuring each part is communicating the same thing. From start to finish, keep the focus on the benefits of the offer and what actions you want the user to take.

2. Be Concise

Long ad copy can deter users from reading a single word on your ad. An ad should effectively communicate a message in a small amount of time with few words if you want it to have an impact.

The reason this is necessary is because online attention spans are so short. The only way to combat that is by telling users what they need to know as quickly as possible.

If you think your copy is too long, spend some time replacing and re-organizing words until it’s more concise. Just make sure it still communicates the message clearly.

3. Keep it Personal

Personalizing your ad copy is the best way to catch the eye of a specific demographic.

Push traffic networks like RTX Platform will allow you to set macros to target people in specific cities which provides you with opportunities for personalizing your ads.

For instance, you could write a message that says “Find Great Deals in Philiadelphia!” and target Philly residents. The people you’re targeting are going to automatically relate to your message.

4. Include Numbers

Using numbers in your ad has two major benefits:

  1. They’re proven to grab attention
  2. They make it easier to digest information.

If you have access to any positive statistics related to the offer you’re promoting, try testing some ads that incorporate them into the copy to attract more attention.

Numbers can also increase your ads legitimacy in the eyes of many users.

5. Appeal to Emotion

Persuasive ad copy can evoke specific feelings. For example, you can make users feel like they’re missing out if they don’t buy what it is you’re selling. FOMO works. Alternatively, you can stroke their ego by implying that they simply deserve to have the product or service you’re promoting, in their life.

You’re trying to stimulate their inner emotions.

Keep in mind that the emotion you decide to try to trigger shouldn’t conflict with what it is you’re promoting. If you’re running a travel offer, don’t instill fear in users about flying.

6. Use Powerful Wording

World selection is important, especially when you’re limited to so few like you are with push notifications. One word can mean the difference between someone clicking or dismissing your ad.

To make the most of your words, focus on ones that aim to persuade:


This makes the user feel as if they’re being talked to which will make them more engaged with what you’re saying.

“Grow” “Improve” “Increase”

People want to better themselves and their life. Use words that will make them feel like that will happen if they use the product/service you’re promoting.

“New” “Free”

Use adjectives that describe the specific product or service in a positive way.

7. Edit and Then Edit Again

Spelling and grammatical errors can quickly kill the legitimacy of your ad or landing page. This may be an obvious tip, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

A single spelling mistake is an easy way to make your audience wary of your offer, so take a minute to ask someone to look over your ad copy for mistakes before running your campaign.

You don’t want to come up with some great copy and have it completely go to waste because you used the wrong their, there, or they’re.

8. Test. Test. Test.

While we can provide you with tips for crafting push ad copy that converts, there’s no exact formula that guarantees results. The only way to discover the best messaging for your unique offer and audience is to continuously test different variations.

Utilize the different tips in this post to create multiple versions of your ad with different personalities. Test them and optimize to determine which approach works best with that specific niche or offer.

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