CEO Matt McEvoy Talks 15 Years of MaxBounty

Today is a monumental day for MaxBounty.

15 years ago on February 19th, 2004, our network was activated, initial campaigns were launched, and our very first affiliates began sending traffic and earning money.

A decade and a half of existence is a long time for any company but it’s an eternity in an industry that changes as quick as performance marketing.

Today isn’t important to us just because we are celebrating our 15th anniversary. We are also celebrating our relationship with you. Whether you have earned one hundred thousand dollars or one hundred dollars, you have played a role in our success and our legacy.

MaxBounty was born from the idea that affiliates and advertisers deserve to be treated fairly – a rare occurrence prior to the launching of our network. There was little to no transparency offered to the people who were most responsible for a network’s success and the balance of control was heavily tilted towards the latter. Our commitment to creating an ethical environment for clients is what initially propelled MaxBounty and what helps maintain our position as a world-leading network today.

Evolution is a necessary component for a network to not only stay alive but to thrive. That is why we are dedicating more time than ever before to implementing and launching new network updates and features that will improve your experience and increase your earning potential with MaxBounty. We want 2019 to be important because of what we are doing in the present, not just what we have done in the past.

Thank you for being a part of 15 years of MaxBounty. What you have helped us become during that time is special but you being with us for our next chapter will mean even more.



Matt McEvoy
MaxBounty CEO


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