Earn More on Every Dollar with MaxBounty’s MaxMoney Rewards Program

We believe MaxBounty affiliates deserve to be rewarded not just with praise but with elevated earnings.

This idea lead us to creating MaxMoney – a rewards program that allows MaxBounty affiliates to start making more on every dollar they earn.

How it Works

Promotions for a singular campaign or a collection of campaigns will be launched every two weeks. These promotions will feature performance bonuses that will reward you MaxMoney on every dollar you’ve earned promoting those specific campaigns.

For example, let’s say one of the MaxMoney promotions features a diet campaign with a $50 CPA and a +10% bonus. Now let’s say you generate 20 conversions on that campaign which would earn you $1000. You’d receive an additional $100 in the form of MaxMoney points that you can then redeem at any time you want.

It’s an opportunity for you to simply earn bonus cash where you previously wouldn’t.

Promotions will be announced four days before they launch through e-mail and in the Affiliate Dashboard to give you adequate time to prepare and opt-in for each promotion.

How to Participate

First off, you’ll need to be an approved MaxBounty affiliate to participate in the MaxMoney promotions. If you’re not one, you can change that by applying to become one at this link.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to access the MaxMoney page by logging into the MaxBounty Affiliate Dashboard and then clicking on the MaxMoney image in the slider, the MaxMoney logo in the top right, OR ‘MaxMoney’ on the side panel on the left side of your screen.

From there, you’ll be brought to a page that looks like this:


This is where you’ll opt in to new promotions by clicking ‘Register’, view your current earned MaxMoney, and see how much the top affiliate participating in the promotion has earned so far.

The first MaxMoney promotion will be announced tomorrow and launch on March 4th so if you’re not currently a MaxBounty affiliate and want to participate, you still have time to sign up and be approved before then.

MaxMoney’s purpose is to put more profit directly in the pockets of MaxBounty affiliates. Opt-in to the first promotion tomorrow to ensure that’s exactly what happens.

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