Campaign Spotlight: Aspiration – Banking Services US ($64 CPA)

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Aspiration is a bank/financial partner that offers costumers several unique incentives that differentiate them from traditional financial institutions, including:

  • Up to 2.00% APY
  • Unlimited cash back
  • $0 ATM fees worldwide
  • 10% of total earnings are donated to charity

You can find out more about the company by checking out their brand brief here.

We’re highlighting this campaign because in the short time it’s been active in our network, it’s generated a significant number of leads for a diverse collection of affiliates. We believe there are a few reasons for this.

First off, users are approved instantly to Aspiration. This is inevitably going to have a positive impact on conversion rates.

Aspiration has also done an excellent job with their branding.

This is significant when you consider how important user trust is for their company and for this campaign.

When someone is considering giving their money to a service that they’ve never heard of before, they’re going to want to know that they’re legitimate and that they can trust them. Aspiration’s strong brand and messaging is likely playing a role in our affiliates success in promoting this campaign by helping to build that trust.

We suggest running this campaign with any permitted traffic source but if you use incentive then you should take particular notice. That’s because users who typically gravitates towards incentive style promotions do so because they’re looking to save or make money on a free sign-up. Aspiration’s service inherently has those same qualities. Many of our active incentive affiliates who have just recently started promoting it are already seeing high conversions.

A conversion generates on this campaign once a product application has been approved and a minimum of $10 has been deposited.

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