7 Tips for Creating Campaign Angles that Convert

The process of creating angles deserves to be talked about more in affiliate marketing, especially when you consider its importance.

You won’t make any money if you’re not framing your campaign in a way that connects to users. Being able to come up with fresh, effective angles for new campaigns on a consistent basis is a skill you MUST develop.

You’re likely thinking “That’s easier said than done”, but we don’t think it has to be that difficult.

The secret is awakening your creativity while growing your understanding of what drives consumers to purchase products/services. Here’s seven ways that can be accomplished.

1. Study Large Brands


Go look at what some of the best advertisers in the world are doing.

Don’t be afraid of going “too big” here because even mega-corporations like Apple and Nike are implementing angles that you can scale down and re-imagine for a campaign you want to promote.

AdForum.ca is a great resource for discovering the most recently launched ad campaigns from the world’s most popular brands.

2. Think Like a Consumer


It may sound cliché to “put yourself in their shoes” but this truly can be an effective strategy for coming up with fresh angles.

If you’re promoting a tech gadget campaign, think about the product and which of its qualities YOU find attractive.

If you’re promoting a travel campaign, think about the last time YOU booked a trip and what you wish went smoother.

You buy products and use services all the time, so think of your own behaviours and desires and use that to your advantage.

3. Appeal to Fear


Few things motivate people more to want something than fear.

Look at some of these examples and you’ll quickly see what we mean:

  • Disinfectant wipes will kill 99.9% of germs in your house
  • This skin scream will prevent you from looking old and tired
  • Book this trip now or you’ll never go to your dream destination

Think about the campaign you’re promoting and then try to think of how that product or service can be angled in a way that would curb a user’s anxiety about something

Just keep in mind that you’re not trying to scare anyone, you’re simply trying to persuade them to solve problems that will otherwise cause them stress.

4. Refer to the Life Force 8


Effective angles are all about appealing to people, and they become easier to produce once you understand humans’ fundamental desires. The Life Force 8 is the by product of years of consumer research with the goal of determining those desires.

They consist of:

  1. Survival, longevity, and quality of life
  2.  Food and drink.
  3. Safety and freedom from danger, fear, and potential harm.
  4. Finding a mate, and sexual relations.
  5. A secure and comfortable home environment.
  6. Competitive instincts – the drive to win and achieve.
  7. Being able to care for and protect one’s dependents and loved ones.
  8. Peer approval and social acceptance.

At least one of these can be applied to any affiliate marketing campaign.

Once you know what you want to promote, refer to the Life Force 8 to determine what angle direction makes the most sense for that specific product/service.

5. Improve on What’s Already Worked


Any previous success you’ve had can be at least partly attributed to an effective angle. Maybe that campaign no longer exists or that niche is over saturated, but most good angles can live on and be applied to new campaigns.

To re-imagine an angle, you’ll need to make sure you understand what made it work in the first place.

If you generated substantial conversions on a campaign by making a product review landing page that featured testimonials, take some time and examine how you communicated that message. You may find that you’ve already had an idea for a great new angle this whole time by tweaking an old one.

6. Explore Facebook Groups and Forums


Once you have your niche decided, you can go right to the source to find out what’s going to entice users.

Looking to promote pet food campaigns? Go to Facebook and search ‘pet food’ under the groups section and then join any of the relevant results.

Once you’re in the groups, you can spend some time learning from the people who are most passionate about what it is you’re promoting. This applies to any other online forums or groups related to the niche as well.

You’re essentially doing your own consumer research, so don’t be afraid to interact with other members and ask questions that will ultimately help you with angle creation.

7. Promote Within Niches You Know


The best way to quickly come up with great affiliate marketing angles starts before you even choose a campaign.

It might not always be possible, but if you can focus on a niche that you already have knowledge on or passion for, you’re going to have an easier time creating angles. They’ll probably be better too.

Think of it this way: If you put a lot of focus on your nutrition and go to the gym five days a week, then you likely have some understanding of what might attract someone to a health and fitness campaign.

Not only will your knowledge lead to better angles, but you’ll write better ads and landing page copy too. Everything will come to you more naturally and your passion will translate to your ideas – to the user – to more conversions.

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