MaxMoney Rewards MaxBounty Affiliates $17K in Bonus Earnings

When we launched our MaxMoney rewards program in March of this year, our goal was to provide our affiliates with a new way to maximize their earnings.

Now four months later, we’re happy to share that we’ve accomplished our goal.

Through the 13 MaxMoney promotions that have gone live during that time, thousands of MaxBounty affiliates have opted in to take advantage of various campaign bonuses.

To give you a clearer idea of how that’s worked out for them, here are a few statistics that highlight their success:

  • Since the first promotion launched in March, we’ve paid out a total of $16.7K in MaxMoney rewards points to participating affiliates. That’s not including the base earnings those affiliates made running campaigns that they may have never attempted to promote otherwise.
  • Affiliates who opted in made over a combined $20K Between our two “Never Ran” promotions that rewarded affiliates a 10% earnings bonus on any campaign they’ve never promoted at MaxBounty before.
  • Affiliates who promoted our SurveyJunkie promotion during May saw a combined $34.5K increase in earnings compared to the two weeks prior.
  • One of our most recent promotions offered a 12.5% bonus on our InBox Dollars – US campaign and saw several of our affiliates earn over $1K in bonus MaxMoney alone during the two week promotion period.

The primary reason we’re telling you all of this is because we want you to take advantage of these promotions if you haven’t been.

ANY MaxBounty Affiliate can participate in ANY MaxMoney promotion simply by opting in on the MaxMoney page once logged in.

If you want to participate in MaxMoney promotions but are not currently a MaxBounty affiliate, you can sign up to become one here.

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