Affiliate Anecdote: Norton Antivirus

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As an affiliate, there’s no better feeling than discovering an effective, lucrative promotion strategy.  The foundation of that strategy will always consist of a reliable traffic source and a strong campaign. 

For our Affiliate Anecdote series, we’re going to examine how numerous MaxBounty affiliates have created that foundation – highlighting the campaign they’re promoting, targeting strategies, and more. This will provide you with an opportunity to become a part of that collective success.

Featured Campaign: Norton AntiVirus 


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An ever-green earner for many MaxBounty affiliates, Norton Antivirus is a globally recognized brand and award-winning antivirus and security software for PC, Macs, and mobile devices.

Here is how affiliates are capitalizing on Norton’s strong brand/product and the results of their promotion strategies.

Traffic Sources  

The MaxBounty affiliates who are earning the most promoting Norton are primarily media buyers. 

That affiliate base is using a variety of paid traffic sources to target users who require protection for their online devices.

The three most popular traffic sources being used to promote our Norton campaign, in no particular order, are:

  • Mobile apps
  • Native ads
  • Contextual/PPV

Demographic Analysis

Most users purchasing Norton through our affiliates’ campaigns can be broken down into two demographic segments:

1. Proactive protectors

Users who frequently worry about both their and their family’s online security and privacy. Other characteristics of this user include:

  • 58% spent money on security in the last year
  • Have a desire for a complete service that monitors and fixes issues
  • Upper-middle class income
  • A high % of them have children
  • High number of internet-enabled devices in homes

2. Carefree surfers

Users who seldom worry about online threats and pay little attention to privacy policies of websites and services. Other characteristics of this user include:

  • 39% spent money on security software in the last year
  • Maintaining anonymity online is unimportant to them
  • Apathetic towards learning how to protect their privacy
  • Skewed male and younger than “proactive protectors”
  • Middle class income

The information above can be invaluable for coming up with effective campaign angles and ad targeting strategies.

Conversion Rates 

MaxBounty affiliates generating earnings on Norton averaged 4 – 12% conversion rate during the month of January alone. That number rivals some of the highest conversion rates we’ve historically seen for single campaign during one month.

This can be attributed to Norton’s strong brand, traffic source freedom, unlimited cap, and our affiliates ability to convince users that Norton is the best option for securing their private information.


Many MaxBounty affiliates promoting Norton Antivirus are seeing an increase in their earnings for the start of 2020 over 2019. We recommend you take advantage of the above information and aim to become a part of that trend.


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