Affiliates Can Quickly Contact MaxBounty AMs via

Shifting traffic source rules, fluctuating caps, and rate increases make timing a crucial component of affiliate marketing. To stay ahead of those ever-shifting changes, communication between an affiliate and their affiliate manager needs to be easy and efficient.   

We’re strengthening that connection by implementing a new way for you to quickly contact your MaxBounty Affiliate Manager. is a live chat support and messaging application that will now be integrated into our Affiliate Dashboard. It will function as a direct line of communication between you and your Affiliate Manager.

Contacting your Affiliate Manager

Once you’ve logged in to your MaxBounty account, you’ll see a red speech bubble in the bottom right corner of the Affiliate Dashboard.

MaxBounty Affiliate Dashboard

Click the box to be prompted to enter your name and Affiliate ID #. Afterwards, you’ll be automatically paired with your previously assigned Affiliate Manager. They’ll then be notified each time you send them a message.

Our hope is that this new feature will reinforce your relationship with your AM. You’re now more connected than ever to one of the most underrated resources available to affiliates.

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