Affiliate Marketing During a Pandemic: How to Weather its Impact

There’s an unprecedented level of uncertainty across the globe right now due to the increasing spread of COVID-19. A level that’s being reached for the first time since the internet became a household name and necessity.

Its total impact is to be determined, but the reverberation of this pandemic is already present to varying degrees in nearly every industry.

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of them.

Although we don’t know how it will affect this one long-term, there are a few things we do know right now.

Affiliate Marketing’s Role

Large social gatherings and shared public spaces create optimal environments for the virus to transmit. That’s why a large portion of the population is being told to “self isolate” or practice “social distancing”.

The virus’ overall impact can be at least partially reduced if people start replacing the shopping mall with their couch and a laptop. Online shopping isn’t just an option right now, it’s the only option.

Affiliate marketing can fill a valuable role by providing online commerce during a time when many are restricted to their homes.

This is also good news If you rely on affiliate marketing as a source of income. There’s still going to be a large online consumer base.

Although expendable income may decrease, more people spending time at home than ever before means the overall reachable audience should increase.  

At a time when job security is unstable for many, affiliates should have confidence that they can continue to generate earnings.

Be aware that MaxBounty’s network is being operated remotely at 100% capacity. Campaigns, links, payments, and support are functioning the exact same as they did prior to the pandemic.

Short Term Trends

Any large global event is likely to impact consumers’ interest in specific products or services. The scale and seriousness of this one is therefore inevitably going to alter the popularity of certain verticals.    

Federal governments are issuing travel bans and lockdowns to help curb the global spread of the virus.

Nobody is flying or traveling. This means travel campaigns are obviously a vertical that has lost its value for the time being.

Alternatively, health and financial verticals could be inversely affected.

The general public are making their health the number one priority right now. They’re taking measures to bolster their immune systems and limit exposure to others.

Public gyms have closed, meaning exercise and fitness is now limited to home workouts.

They may also be facing financial instability due to the shifting economy or job suspensions.

Thus, they’re going to be most interested in supplement, fitness program, loan, and other various health and financial aid campaigns – products or services that are going to assist them in maintaining normalcy in their lives.

Be Mindful

If you are promoting something like a face mask campaign that can be affiliated with the current pandemic, it’s important to ensure your angles are respectful. Remember that some geographical locations are suffering more than others and that loss of life is real for many countries.  

There’s an opportunity to legitimately help people right now. Keep that in mind when developing or altering your campaigns.

More importantly, we hope you, your friends, and your family remain safe and protected during this unpredictable time. Please abide by the recommended precaution measures issued by your specific government so that we can collectively limit the global impact of this virus.

We’re experiencing something unparalleled. Nobody knows for sure what the future holds. All that’s certain is that both society and affiliate marketing will need to continue to adapt. Luckily that’s nothing new for either.

8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing During a Pandemic: How to Weather its Impact

  1. Surprised noone commented on this, CPA networks are really keeping a lot of people afloat during this time and are crucial to the survival of a way of life for a lot people who rely on affiliate marketing as their only means of business. Thank you.

    1. Agreed. Fortunately we can operate just as efficiently remotely too. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Thank God for CPA, i always worked from home so when they say stay at home it really doesn’t have a negative effect on me. As long as maxbounty is still functioning well am good 👍

    1. Glad to hear that, Providence. We will continue to function as efficiently as we always have. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  3. I’m new to Max Bounty and fairly new to affiliate marketing so I’m learning as I go and hopefully will get my first check soon. I do something everyday several times a day to work toward my goal. Any advice is welcomed

    1. That’s a great approach, Roxanne. Just be patient and use the resources available to you. Once you start, try to focus on one vertical/campaign for the time being.

  4. I think l really need to take affiliate marketing more seriously. Thank you for the article.

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