Campaign Spotlight: Essential Sweepstakes

A collection of sweepstakes campaigns are seeing a significant increase in conversions this month. These are versatile, diverse-traffic source permitted campaigns that many of our affiliates are adding to their promotion strategies.

Supported by the largest brands in the world like McDonalds, Amazon, and Walmart, their success can be partially attributed to users automatically recognizing and trusting those names.

Due to the economic consequences of the ongoing global pandemic, many users could benefit from an increased budget for goods and services. Several of these sweeps campaigns will allow them to save money on food and other essential items during an unpredictable time.

With each of these campaigns, users submit their e-mail to be entered into a sweepstakes to win a prize or gift card. Each convert on a simple single-opt in.

Click on the links below to be directed to each campaign after logging in to your MaxBounty account.

Retail Rewards Club – Win an iPhone 11 – SOI (US)

Dining Rewards Club – $100 McDonald’s Gift Card – SOI (US)

National Research Rewards – Win a New Pair of Airpods – (US)

Retail Rewards Club – $1000 Amazon Gift Card – SOI (US)

Retail Rewards Club – $100 Walmart Gift Card – SOI (US)

Opinion Share Research – $1000 Best Buy Gift Card (US)

Retail Rewards Club – $100 Dollar General – SOI (US)

Dining Rewards Club – $100 Popeye’s Gift Card – SOI (US)

Retail Rewards Club – $1000 Visa Gift Card – SOI (US)

Opinion Share Research – $150 Target Gift Card – SOI (US)

Retail Rewards Club – $1000 Paypal Gift Card – SOI (US)

Retail Rewards Club -Win a Year of Disney Plus – SOI (US)

Opinion Share Research – $500 Kohl’s Gift Card – SOI (US)

Retail Rewards Club – Year of Apple TV+ – SOI (US)

4 thoughts on “Campaign Spotlight: Essential Sweepstakes

    1. Right now our affiliates are having a lot of success with these campaigns using social traffic. Primarily Snapchat ads and Facebook.

    1. Right now, Snapchat ads and Facebook are working the best for our affiliates in regard to these SOI/sweeps campaigns.

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