New MaxBounty Affiliate Dashboard Increases Speed and Efficiency

This week our new Affiliate Dashboard went live in our network for ALL MaxBounty affiliates.

At first glance it might not look much different than the previous interface, but that was by design.

We wanted to improve our affiliates’ overall experience and efficiency without compromising familiarity.

It’s our belief that we’ve succeeded in finding that balance through enhancement rather than re-design. Your feedback also played a large role in the improvements we deemed necessary. 

The most significant changes are outlined below. We think it’s useful for you to know exactly how these changes can have a positive impact on your experience as a MaxBounty affiliate.  

1. Fresh Presentation

Although the overall design is similar, we made visual alterations to improve campaign presentation, navigation, and reduce clutter. This is most notable in the way campaign categories have now been streamlined.  

Other minor visual tweaks include your Affiliate Manager’s contact information being displayed via drop-down menu and a revamped search bar. 

2. Faster Response Time

Our development team meticulously examined each component of our dashboard to eliminate inefficiencies and decrease loading and search times. The result? You find exactly what you’re looking for quicker than ever.

You should notice a significant difference in the overall speed of the dashboard, whether you’re searching for campaigns or viewing reports.

3. Improved Search Functionality

The Campaign Search page is perhaps the most used feature in our network. That’s why we’ve given you more search options when you’re on your hunt for your next hit campaign.

When selecting both traffic type and geography filters, you now have the option of including your selected option in the search OR having the search ONLY include the selected option. This is showcased in greater detail in the image above. 

This provides greater flexibility in how you search for campaigns in our network. 

4. Increased Campaign Relevance 

It’s important that your experience with our network is tailor made for you and your preferences.

We modified our algorithms to ensure you’re seeing the campaigns that are most relevant to you. This is accomplished by analyzing your previous network activity including campaigns you’ve searched for, been approved on, and promoted.

5. New Notification System

We wanted you to be more aware of the important information relating to you and the campaigns you’re promoting.

You’ll now receive visible notifications under the bell icon in the top right of the dashboard for campaign approvals, cancellations, and MaxBounty related news items. 

6. Moved Account Balances Section


You can now view your Account Balances underneath the User icon in the top right of the Dashboard. This was previously found under the Reporting section but we believed it needed to be a more easily accessible feature. 

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