6 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Increasing Black Friday Conversions

The holiday season is the biggest earning opportunity of the year for affiliate marketers.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the pinnacle of that opportunity.

To help you and other MaxBounty affiliates prepare, we put together six quick tips that can help increase conversions leading up to and after Black Friday.

Recognize COVID’s Impact

In recent years, Cyber Monday bas become an increasingly prominent part of the Black Friday frenzy.

That shift can be attributed to holiday shoppers migrating from malls to Amazon. Online deals are becoming more attractive to consumers and more lucrative to businesses.

With this year’s pandemic still ongoing, you can expect that shift to accelerate.

Online shopping has always been more convenient than in-store shopping. Now it is safer too.  

If in previous years you have neglected to target Black Friday shoppers, there is no better time to change that than now.

Alter Your Search Terms

As we mentioned above, online shopping is a bigger portion of Black Friday than ever before.

This is having an impact on search terms as consumer behaviour changes with that trend.

Search volume is increasing for generic searches over specific item searches. This is especially true in the lead up to November 27th.

If you are using search traffic to promote affiliate campaigns, try bidding on broader search terms like “top Black Friday deals” and transition to specific product terms as Black Friday draws closer.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Making the right modifications to your landing page(s) can be an earnings difference maker. For something seasonal like Black Friday, its even more important.

Ensure you continually update your landing page so that it is relevant in the scope of Black Friday.

Utilize countdowns, timers, and headline or body copy to create a sense of urgency. This is a proven method for persuading a user to generate a lead now rather than later.

Utilize Product Reviews

Incorporating product reviews into your campaign strategy is one of the most common ways to attract new users.  

Many people are still undecided on gift ideas. Therefore, they will utilize product reviews to help them make decisions on what products to purchase for their loved ones.

Providing users with useful, legitimate reviews and testimonials is a tried, true and tested way to increase conversions this time of year.

Examine Your SEO

If you rely heavily on organic traffic, it is important that you spend some time improving your SEO on the lead up to Black Friday.

Go over your site’s title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs to make sure you have no errors that will hinder your site’s ranking over the next week and a half.

Your site ranking ahead of even a single page could be the difference between breaking even and profitability.

Consider other Geos

Although Black Friday/Cyber Monday is largely recognized as a US phenomenon, its presence is growing globally year after year.  

You can take advantage of its expansion.

Try promoting campaigns in non-US, English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Targeting and traffic opportunities will likely be cheaper and less saturated markets could provide you with more room for success.   

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