MaxBounty Sees Historic Advertiser and Campaign Growth in 2020

MaxBounty affiliates now have more campaigns available to them than any other time in the history of our network.  

We have always believed that a strong, vast campaign database is the foundation of our business. That is because we understand that each affiliate marketer has different preferences and skillsets.

By bringing in new advertisers to our network, we have been able to meet the needs of a growing affiliate base that require new, diverse campaign options.

Here are our specific growth numbers:

MaxBounty Advertiser Growth – Q1 to present: +20.5%

MaxBounty Active Campaign GrowthQ1 to present: +18%

Throughout 2020, the total number of MaxBounty advertisers and campaigns have increased at a higher rate than ever before. In addition, the diversity of those campaigns has also grown. That means the chances of you finding the vertical you desire at MaxBounty has never been higher.  

Although this is undoubtedly great news for our network and our affiliates, its also great news for the industry in general.  

It may take years to identify COVID-19’s long-term impact on affiliate marketing. However, our recent network growth occurred almost entirely during the ongoing pandemic. This is promising evidence that despite this being a challenging time for many businesses, advertisers are still hungry for traffic. They are looking for ways to off-set pandemic-related losses and affiliate marketing has become a viable solution.  

See MaxBounty’s most diverse campaign selection for yourself by signing up to become our affiliate.

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