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Affiliate marketing survey season continues as top industry forum affLIFT have launched their own series of surveys for top networks, traffic sources, and traffic tools.

affLIFT’s goal is to create the most accurate affiliate marketing network surveys yet.

We’re once again asking you to help us connect to new affiliates by showing us some love. You can do that by filling out the lightning-quick, one field form and voting for MaxBounty.

Vote for MaxBounty in affLIFT’s Top Network Survey.

2 thoughts on “MaxBounty Nominated for affLIFT Top Affiliate Network Award | Vote Now

  1. My name is Chistopher Hughes. I am in High School. I have worked for the past three years to build a Instagram site called BucketsAccess. I have 12,000 active followers on this account. I post my own content that I develop myself at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. My engagement is extremely strong with over 3000 messages and likes placed on the page each day. I do not have a website as I put all of my content develop and interaction management time and energy into this account/platform. I am now interested to begin to monetize my traffic and engagement on this Instagram account. Would MaxBounty be interested in me as a promoter/influencer? I ask this because when I try to join it seems that Max Bounty is only interested in websites…and I do not have one. Even in this note below it is required to include a website URL? Seems very old school?

    1. Hi Christopher,

      We’d love to have you in our network as an affiliate.

      Although there is a website field in our application, it is not a mandatory component for approval. You can just put your Instagram page in that section.

      Hope this provides some clarification. Cheers.

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