Thank You – A New Years Message from MaxBounty

As we enter a new year, we thought it was important to take a quick moment to acknowledge those who helped us sustain our success in the year prior.  

We wholeheartedly want to thank you for supporting MaxBounty the way you did throughout 2020.

We know it was a year that presented numerous challenges for individuals in any industry. Those in affiliate marketing were not immune. Whether you are a MaxBounty affiliate, advertiser, or partner, you played a significant role in not only helping us overcome our own obstacles but also growing our network.

Although obstacles still remain for many in 2021, we could not be more excited about the future of MaxBounty.

Our network’s campaign selection has never been more diverse, with both our advertiser and campaign totals reaching record highs. Our current total of active affiliates has also never been higher. That means each side of our network will benefit from the growth of the other.

We plan on accommodating our most robust client base ever by bolstering our network further throughout this year.   

Although we can’t delve into specifics, you can expect new technology and features to be implemented that will improve your overall experience with our network. Enhancement is our focus for 2021.

If there is anything we can do to assist you as this year unfolds, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated MaxBounty Affiliate Manager or Advertiser Account Manager.

Once again, thank you. Together, let’s make 2021 memorable for all the right reasons.

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