Late Tax Filings = April Earnings for Affiliates (Offers Included)

Income tax season is a time of year many despise, but for affiliates there’s reason to rejoice.

Paying taxes is a requirement for most US citizens. That means there’s a massive audience available for affiliates to target with relevant campaigns. A large portion of that audience have the desire to file their taxes within a specific two-week window.

This is where procrastination becomes an affiliate’s best friend.

US citizens are required to file their income tax prior to April 15th. Although many Americans do prefer to just get it over with early, a large portion wait until the final days.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

In the last two weeks leading up to the April deadline, income tax filings increase dramatically based on IRS statistics. The final week prior to April 15th alone eclipses any other week with over 20 million people filing during that time period each year.


In addition, more people than ever are choosing to file taxes electronically, with 2020 being the first time ever that over 90% of total returns were efiled. Nearly half of the people filing those returns did so themselves with the help of tax software.

In summation, there are a lot of users waiting for YOUR prompt to file their taxes.

Quick, Take These Campaigns

Now that you are aware of the opportunity in front of you, you just need some great tax filing software campaigns to promote.

Luckily for you, you only need to be a MaxBounty affiliate to find some.

H&R Block and E-file are two of those most recognized tax service companies in the United States. This is even more important here than in other verticals because user’s must give these companies access to sensitive information.

With these two campaigns, you have the option of choosing between a revshare payout model and a CPA payout model. You also have tremendous traffic source freedom, with only incentive and solo-email traffic being prohibited on both.

Just click on the links below to request to run these offers right now. This should give you ample time to set-up your campaigns in preparation for those lucrative, early-April weeks.

H&R Block – Tax Software (US) | 80% of sale – Tax Software (US) | $20 per lead

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